Layers of Fear 2 SHN Fam Chill N Chat Live Playthrough No Commentary

Layers of Fear 2 for Switch

The journey through the history of survival horror begins! SHN is Youtube’s number 1 survival horror channel that has inspired many more! The Survival Horror Network provides 100% cinematic experience with no gameplay descriptions and Horror Classics in one channel and in 4K 60fps! True Horror Gaming is the best! Join SHN today for a wonderful journey through the history of Survival Horror! SHN was created by Giovanni Dean, a fan of horror movies for fans of horror movies. #ResidentEvil The main series of this channel Why is there no subtitles? in my opinion If you comment on horror games You will destroy the atmosphere of the game. And it makes the audience look less intimidating because he has to focus on the game and what you have to say. if no explanation Viewers can be 100% immersed in the gameplay. Business inquiry only for game developers who create survival horror games. I’m very busy with work in real life and don’t have time to answer every email.