Shantae: Half-Genie Hero | First 18 Minutes – Nintendo Switch

Shantae for Switch

Shantae begins her first Full HD adventure! As a wave of mysterious crime wipes out Sequin Land, it’s up to the hero Half-Genie Shantae to save the world! Use Shantae’s destructive Hair-Whip Attack to send flying monsters. Or belly dancing to transform into more powerful creatures! Take down the masterminds behind each criminal and prepare for the final showdown against Shantae’s arch-enemy: the deadly jeopardy boots! ♦ Buy the game: ☛ I recommend: Subscribe: Leave a comment and I like it! ✦ Follow me on ♦ Website – ♦ Twitter – ♦ Facebook – ⓒⓄⓃⓉⓇⒶⓃⒺⓉⓌⓄⓇⓀ .