Shantae: Half-Genie Hero – Pirate Queen’s Quest Teaser Trailer!

Shantae for Switch

Raise the anchor and set off for a whole new fantasy of gameplay, themes, and storyline of the base game. You have played half the devil. Come and experience the other side of the story! As the evil pirate Risky Boots, your mission is to travel the Sequin Land in search of the necessary components to conquer the Sequin Land and defeat the half-genie brat! –Available!– Switch (NA): Switch (EU): Wii U (NA): Wii U (EU): PS4 (NA): PS4 (EU): PSVita (NA): PSVita (EU): Xbox One: Steam: –Key Features– • Fan-favorite control schemes from Shantae and Pirate’s Curse are back. Brings tons of pirate skills to your fingertips! • Take over any world in any order! • Slash your enemies into ribbons with Risky’s Scimitar or hit them with her pistol! • Collect and train Risky’s pirate gear! Bomb Shot, Grappling Hook, Hat Glide, Cannon Jump and more! • Deploy your Tinkerbat crew to turn the tide of battle! • Collect Cursed Magic to customize Risky’s abilities the way you want! • Brand new monsters and classic enemies are now included in HD! .