Sludge Life for Switch

▶ In the last video I created the most powerful Honchkrow team to start BDSP OU, watch it in action! – ● . Enjoy the video? follow! .● Sleep Talk is like Yan Ying in a megaphone. Hope you enjoyed Sleep Talk Yanmega as Pokemon Showdown Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl OU! 🙂 Importable teams: Breloom is a relatively dangerous Pokemon in the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl OU tier. It’s good to be able to deal with it successfully which is worth feature and decide on Sleep Talk. Yanmega can switch to Spore and Sleep Talk to destroy Breloom. It can also resist Grass attack and Fighting from Breloom x4. Tinted Lens You can negate resistances like Gliscor, Empoleon, Clefable, etc. I paired Yanmega with my own Breloom to have a good sponge for some Pokemon like Rotom-Wash, and it’s a way to destroy Blissey, one of the bigger enemies. The best of Yanmega Slowbro is on the team with Future Sight to pressure change. It also involved many Pokemon of that level like Infernape, Blaziken, Garchomp, Dragonite, etc. I added a Registeel to the team for Stealth Rocks. It used to be Heatran, but I traded and it works a lot better because unlike Heatran that It can tank Choice Specs Surfs from Latios. Flygon is there for Defog’s purposes and to counter Heatran, and Raikou is finally there to help against Manaphy. Thunder Wave also helps our Yanmega to slow down to overtake all Pokemon. That’s against it 🙂 Twitter: Song: ‘Bicycle Theme’ (Remix) From Pokemon D/P 00:00 03:32 Intro and Team Details Look How Many Spdef Scizor Takes From Yanmega 09:02 Yanmega Shows. Why can’t it be switched at 8:45? This is why I like to run Registeel over Heatran 27:05. Our opponent actually sleeps in Sleep Talk Yanmega 31:23 Blastoise is a threat that bigger I used to imagine 38:22, I never expected a tragic turn 1, want to take your game to the next level? This amazing book is worth the investment: ​ #Pokemon​ #PokemonBrilliantDiamond #PokemonShiningPearl #CompetitivePokemon​#PokemonShowdown .