Sludge Life: Impressions of Devolver's Ghetto Jet Set Radio #SludgeLife #DevolverDigital #Devolver

Sludge Life for Switch

Sludge Life is the newest game from Devolver Digital and the developers behind Heavy Bullets and High Hell. Not only was I lucky to see Sludge Life performing at the show floor at PAX East, I also talked to the development team that they were. Where did the idea for this game come from? Which is already the infamous double butt cat and more. Thanks to the team for being so easy-going and optimistic! You can expect me to stream Sludge Life as it releases, so check out my channel below. Maybe if enough people liked the video and commented. Developers will drop me (Mayor of Whitney Point, New York, and the game’s greatest leader) into the game? If you don’t try, you won’t know! Leave a comment below! Shop Sludge Life at #SludgeLife #DevolverDigital #HeavyBullets #HighHell #Devolver Follow my live stream and GFUEL giveaways at Theta.TV; Use code “MAYOR” to receive a discount on purchases from and to support my content in the process. www.MayorReynolds.TV Podcast: Twitch: Twitter: Twitter: Instagram: Instagram: TikTok: Medium: Byte: @MayorReynoldsTV Rizzle: Buy games for cheap while supporting our charity and content using this Link to Humble Bundle; Music (Support Artists!) .