Synthetic vs Conventional Oil – There's A Good Reason To Switch

Sludge Life for Switch

Synthetic Motor Oil vs Regular Engine Oil – Why is Synthetic Motor Oil Better for Your Car? Powered by Mobil 1 Engine Oil Learn more about Mobil 1: Fully Synthetic Motor Oil: What is the difference between synthetic and conventional motor oil? Synthetic motor oil has a number of advantages. and in this video We will focus on four main points. First, we will talk about the viscosity index. and why synthetics tend to change less in viscosity with temperature changes. And how the more consistent molecular structure of synthetics prevents the combustion of engine oil in your engine. Third, we’ll look at how oils made from synthetic base oils affect the use of viscosity modifiers. Which can cause deposits in your engine? Finally, we’ll talk about oxidation. This is ultimately the cause of sludge and an important factor that requires oil change. This is because oxygen reacts with the engine oil and thickens it over time. I spent a lot of time discussing these topics and more with Mobil 1 engineers. See all the details! #Mobil1Partner Related video: Base Oil Groups IV Designation: Will Thin Oil Ruin Your Engine? Is synthetic oil bad for old cars? Be sure to check out my other pages below! Facebook: Official website: Twitter: Instagram: Car Throttle: EE Extra: .