Top 5 JRPGs for Nintendo Switch 2021

Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle for Switch

Top 5 JRPGs For Nintendo Switch In this top 5 video, we’re bringing you our favorite JRPGs on Nintendo Switch! There are some really great JRPGs out there on the Nintendo Switch, and we hope you like our picks. As always, talk about your favorite JRPGs in the comments section. —————————————————- —————————- Buy the game and support us (Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch)*: buy the game and support Us (Monster Hunter Stories 2)*: Buy the game and support us (Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana)*: Buy the game and support us (Dragon Quest XI S)*: Buy the game and support us (Xenoblade Chronicles) *: — ———————————————- —- ———————— ◼ Support us on Patreon: ◼ by Bandai Namco, Nintendo, Falcom, Square Enix, Capcom — —- ———————————————- —- ——————– Our Devices: AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus* – Nintendo Switch* – YCCTEAM Wireless Pro Controller* – —– — ———————————————————— — ——————- 00:00:00 Introduction 00:00:11 Ni No Kuni 00:01:04 Monster Hunter Stories 2 00:02:18 Xenoblade Chronicles 00:04:14 Dragon Quest XI S 00:05:21 Ys VIII 00:06:19 Outro *= Affiliate Link #nintendo #nintendoswitch #top5