Troubleshoot: Water Well Pump Starts too Often (Rapid Cycling)

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If the pump motor starts too often This may indicate something is wrong with one of the following devices: 1. Pressure switch – Check your settings on the pressure switch. and check for defects and wear. You may need to adjust the settings or change the switch. If you are in a situation where hard water or sludge is present in the water system Pressure pipes can also be clogged. So check this too. 2. Waterlogged Tank If your tank is waterlogged. This could be the result of a failed tank bladder in modern tanks, or a failed airflow throttling if you have an old non-bladder tank. for modern bladder tanks ​​It is best to drain the pressure from the system and check the pressure inside the tank. The pressure should be 2-3 psi lower than the cutoff pressure. For example, on a 40/60 pressure setting, the tank must be around 38 psi. I recommend replacing your tank with a modern pressure bladder tank. If you have to replace your tank Check out our video on sizing a pressure tank to get all the information you need. 3. It could be a sign of a leak in the system. If you’ve done everything and still haven’t found any problems. Indicates that you may have a leak within the system. Check for leaks and repair. 4. Check Valve – Stuck Open if the check valve fails. You will see that the system is not pressurized when the pump is turned off. Usually when this happens It will be a failed check valve located between the pump and the pressure tank. You will need to replace the check valve in this situation. If you need additional information or product support, call 855.329.4519 or email to talk to industry experts. thank you for watching! Add us to your professional network: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: For more industry videos. Please visit our YouTube channel: Check out our website: We are distributors of pumps, packaged pump systems, on-site wastewater treatment equipment, on – site wastewater treatment systems. and custom electrical control panels for water and wastewater applications. Groundwater resources, drilling equipment and water treatment equipment .