Witch Spring 3 Re:Fine – The Story of Eirudy Gameplay Part 2

Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle for Switch

The story of a witch who is pursued by a warrior, the puppet witch Eirudy. The witch lives in her house in the misty forest. Hiding from the warriors at home, she invents tools and magic. and trained herself. Outside, she explored the surroundings. to find magic ingredients and often meet warriors A witch awakens her doll and uses it to fight warriors. A lonely witch wants to wake her doll so she can make friends. But her doll was silent. Sometimes people are known and respected. Eirudy The Lonely Witch Lead Eirudy the puppet witch in the path of light Player: 1 player Genre: RPG Publisher: G CHOICE ————— ————————————————————- ———————– —— SUBSCRIBE 👉 DISCORD FACEBOOK TWITTER .