【Narita Boy】Guerilla Stream To Chill To

Narita Boy for Xbox One

【Twitter】 【Discord】 【Model】 秋戸あきま (Aki Akito) 【Thumbnail】 Fumiyo 【BGM】 ======================== = 【Viewer Rules】 Thank you for joining and watching my stream! for everyone to enjoy streaming Please abide by the following rules: 1. Be friendly with other viewers. 2. If you see spam, link sharing, or trolling. please do not reply Ignore those comments 3. Discuss the stream and Anything that has nothing to do with it as long as it’s not personal. 4. Don’t talk about streamers or other streamers in a vulgar way. 5. Similarly Don’t mention me or my stream in another streamer’s chat as long as you follow the rules above. You can chat in any language. But please don’t feel neglected and or ignored when I can’t understand or reply to your comments. ================= ======== #Naritaboy #VirtualYoutuber​ #ENVtuber .