Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials – Official Trailer l PS4, Xbox One

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Released on PS4 and Xbox One on July 15, 2021! Barbarian: Testament of the Primordials is a fighting and puzzle-focused Metroidvania horror game that follows the story of an unlucky savage hero who has fallen into the abyss. first one and must escape with the help of Pip, the magic bat buddy. with a good sense of humor in conversation Players will explore a room full of hundreds of secrets. Fight huge enemies and bosses. Meet hot-tempered NPCs. make stubborn friends And use the power of Pip to solve the mystery and escape from the abyss! After launching on PC and Nintendo Switch in October 2020, Barbarian: Testament of the Primordials received 82 satisfactory reviews from Metacritic. Players choose one of two savage characters at the start of the game and dive in. (Literally) Go to an inhabited dungeon and crawl through the dark depths of the Eldrich Hell. Use barbarian combat abilities to fend off enemies. They must use their magic bat buddy Pip. Set on fire and solving puzzles to advance through an enormous underworld, along the way, they interact with funny characters through dialogue choices and unveil the story behind their bizarre situations. Batbarian has over 400 rooms to explore. Over 20 Hours of Gameplay, 10+ Main Bosses, 60+ Minutes of Music, and Over 30,000 Words of Conversation to Explore RPG elements include an enhanced mini-game system and multiple endings based on the player’s choices and actions. play Batbarian’s main feature is the use of Pip. Players use a suitable analog stick to aim and throw various fruits that Pip will chase and counter. Create subtle elements to solve puzzles. If a player throws a sticky fruit on the wall near the magic switch, Pip will chase the fruit and take a few seconds to eat it while the switch is activated. Players then have to go through a puzzle before Pip finishes eating the fruit. NPC characters join the players, offering additional elements of action and strategy to the gameplay.