DIRT 5 | Uproar Content Pack and FREE Update | Out Now

Narita Boy for Xbox One

DIRT 5’s Uproar Content Pack and 4.00 Free Update Now Launching on Xbox! Power Content Pack πŸ”Š Four Legendary DiRT Showdown Cars πŸ”Š Additional Achievements πŸ”Š 25 New Career Events New Sponsor πŸ”Š New Badge πŸ”Š New Customization Options Free Updates 4.00 πŸ”Š After Dark Playgrounds Updates πŸ”Š Night Playgrounds πŸ”Š Private Lobby πŸ”Š New Badges πŸ”Š Technical Improvements The Uproar Content Pack is Free for all Amplified Edition or Year One Upgrade players! Available in the digital store for other players πŸ–οΈ