Secret Room The Capital (Transcriptor of Symbols Code) – Narita Boy

Narita Boy for Xbox One

The video shows a secret room within the capital accessed using a symbolic transcriber in Narita Boy. In the capital there is a Transcriptor of Symbols located in a maintenance building. Transcriptor of Symbols will teleport you to the “Software Monolith 50” room. The name on screen is the title that supports the Kickstarter project by purchasing “Monolith of the 50 Heroes”. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Narita Boy trophies and achievements ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Master of the Trichroma [Platinum]
Unlock all other trophies. Worlds to discover. [Bronze]
Accessing the digital realm was quite successful, thick as a thief. [Bronze]
Wield the Techno Sword and become one with it to knock down Stallions, soar above the ground. [Bronze]
Put the power of ‘dodge’ in the creator’s mind. [Bronze]
Penetrate the totem of the first creator. The first of many [Bronze]
Using the Transcriptor of Symbols and Transcend for the first time, a great one. [Bronze]
Defeat the first final boss. regain memory [Silver]
Hold the first spare floppy disk to recover the creator’s lost memory. [Bronze]
transform into your animal beyond the collision [Bronze]
Added the ‘Shoulder Bash’ power-up, the brilliance of three houses. [Bronze]
Reach Trifurcation at the portal of the Three Houses of the Trichroma, your friend in the air. [Bronze]
Enter the invisible ‘Uppercut’ code. [Silver]
Find access to Taiyo Beam’s red symbol, ride the wind. [Bronze]
Find and install your Servo Horse, together we will move forward. [Silver]
Turn yourself into a servo bot. in your house [Gold]
Find the secret room of Taiyo Beam, Master of Light. [Bronze]
Find and install Taiyo Beam’s code, broken ground. [Bronze]
Put the ‘Downstab’ energy swept across the simulation. [Bronze]
Install the floppy board. Room with a view [Silver]
Find a floppy disk on the balcony of the Technocrats in the capital. The sound of the summit. [Bronze]
Activate a digital path that will help you ascend to the summit. I took a beer. [Gold]
Find the hidden chamber of Ougai Rain, the Master of Water. [Bronze]
Find and install Ougai Rain codes. Know your enemies. [Bronze]
Switch on with HIM Stallion Skewers’ Holo-History. [Bronze]
Power up your friend’s room ‘Dashstab’. [Gold]
Find Johnny Heat’s secret room. Being a pony isn’t cool anymore. [Silver]
Beat the Gauntlet, Master of Fire [Bronze]
Find and install Johnny Heat’s code, push the last one. [Bronze]
Find Techno Key access to the capital city Deja Vu. [Silver]
Back at the Technocrats terrace in the capital, I am Big Narita. [Silver]
Transforms into Big Narita Supreme Horse Destroyer [Gold]
Beat him. I know what I did yesterday. [Silver]
Unlock the memories of all creators, saviors of the world. [Silver]
Go back to the 80s after salvaging the digital empire. [Gold]
Extract all parts of the spare floppy disk .