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The Medium for Xbox Series X

Xbox Live Gold Fails | Medium 900p on Xbox Series X | Bleeding Edge Bleeding… Saltiest Gaming Podcast LIVE at 8:00 PM Eastern Thursday January 28, 2021 Timestamp: Introduction: 0:00 AM. Resident Evil Village Demo Shows: 16:12 PS Plus Game Feb 2021 Best Month Ever 30:09 $70 Video Game Chat: 49:55 Xbox Live Gold Failure: 1: 06:15 Xbox Gamepass Discussion 1:18:46 David Jaffe makes his entrance Jaffe vs Salty Gamepass: 1:26:45 Godzilla vs King Kong 2:31:19 Outros: 2:36:55 Become a channel member to qualify. Exclusive memberships and rewards: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Twitch: Panel info: Woolley Gaming: Twitter: Kofi: Twitter: Chris Righteous: Twitter: Jez : | YouTube: ******* ************************************************ 📌 Business inquiry : saltiestgaming@gmail.com *************************************** **************** 📌 Where to find me: Paypal: YouTube: Twitch: Twitter: PSN: SaltIest_Gaming Xbox GT:SaltiestGaming Nintendo: SW -3846-5014-9800 Gamin g Podcast: The Saltiest Gaming Podcast Thursday @ 8pm Est on YouTube My Guest Profile: JayDub: | YouTube: David Jaffe: Twitter: | YouTube: #staysalty​ #tsgplive​ #saltiestgaming​ .