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Knockout City for Xbox Series X

With the new console that is coming on strong We are excited about the possibilities of gaming with 120fps! Smooth and responsive gameplay on your Xbox Series X and Series S is at your fingertips! Check out these verified games on the horizon! #XboxSeriesX #XboxSeriesS #Xbox #Xbox120fps Xbox On is your home for everything Xbox joins Benny, Henry, Sam, Charleyy and Bex as they bring you the latest and greatest news, games, and updates on Xbox One. Xbox World If you want to follow us live, go to Twitch.tv/xboxon. And stay tuned to make sure you don’t miss our daily live stream. EXCLUSIVE LIVE GAMEPLAY Community multiplayer streams and tons of Xbox games are waiting for you! Don’t miss a moment and hit it now! Want more teams? Benny Sam Charleyy Henry Bex, courtesy of Audio Network.