Halo Infinite | Xbox One S/X – Xbox Series S/X – PC | Campaign Graphics Comparison & FPS

The Medium for Xbox Series X

Pre-order Halo Infinite at the game now with a -33% discount! Music by Zeraví: Twitter: Patreon: Xbox One: 1080p dynamic with 30fps temporary regeneration (972p typical) Xbox One X: Quality mode: 2160p dynamic with 30fps temporary regeneration (1800p typical) FPS mode: 1440p dynamic with 60fps Temporary Rebuild (1260p Typical) Xbox Series S: Quality Mode: 1080p at 30fps FPS Mode: 1080p Dynamic with 60fps Temporary Rebuild (1080p Typical) Xbox Series X: Quality Mode: 2160p Dynamic with Temporary Rebuild. At 60fps (typical 1800p) FPS Mode: 1440p dynamic with temporary resampling at 120fps (typical 1188p) PC: 2160p & max settings with RTX3080 – All console versions use temporary resampling. It is taken more seriously in horizontal resolution – Series S goes on without 120FPS mode or resolutions above 1080p, keep in mind that in previous versions up to 1440p or 120FPS, hopefully the 343 will work. COMING SOON – Load less polygons on One, especially on the One X floor. There are still some drawbacks to the geometry of Series S/X and PC – Vegetation count will be higher on Xbox Series S/X and PC – Some destructible assets or dynamic shadows won’t be projected on One/One X. I don’t know if it’s a bug or if it’s a deliberate montage – some animation during gameplay and movie. will be adjusted to a frame rate lower than 60fps causing annoying stuttering effect. This happens on all models – the draw distance is slightly higher on the Series S PC and the One X uses a similar configuration. While some elements are superior in One X (trees) and in others (ground stones) are superior in Series S – Series X will reduce your draw distance. Rendering resolution, shadows, reflections and terrain quality in FPS mode – Series S and One X had stutter issues in quality mode at 30FPS, had trouble keeping 30FPS stable. These platforms – Series X easily maintain 120fps in closed environments. But world exploration tends to hover around 100fps – 5x faster loading times on Xbox Series compared to Xbox One – Xbox One slips from SSR reflection – Xbox One uses a lower level of texture compared to Xbox One. other platforms