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Subnautica: Below Zero for Xbox Series X

Subnautica is an open-world action-adventure survival video game developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. In it, players are free to explore the ocean on an alien planet known as planet 4546B after their spaceship. is Aurora falling on the surface of the planet Players must collect resources and encounter creatures to survive. Subnautica was released in early access for Microsoft Windows in December 2014, for Mac OS X in June 2015, and for Xbox One in May 2016. A pre-launch trial release in January 2018 for Microsoft Windows and macOS, with versions for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in December 2018. By January 2020, Subnautica had sold more than 5 million copies, the Nintendo Switch launch was successful. Confirmed for release in 2021, a sequel titled Subnautica: Below Zero is in development. Pre-release January 30, 2019 Gameplay Subnautica is an action-adventure survival game set in an open world environment and played from a first-person perspective. The player controls the sole survivor of a spaceship called Aurora. Trapped in a distant ocean planet named “4546B”, its main objective is to explore the ocean and survive the dangers. At the same time, complete tasks to develop the storyline. Players can collect resources. Build tools, bases and underwater and interact with the wildlife of the world. Most of the games are set underwater. with two explored islands and simulated day and night cycles that affect vision when starting a new game Players must choose from four difficulty modes: Survival — Players must manage their health, hunger, thirst, and oxygen. they will be born again But some items are missing from your Freedom Mode inventory — survive but with Hunger and Thirst disabled. Hardcore Mode — Survive, but if the player dies Players will no longer be able to respawn and save files will be permanently deleted. Creative Mode — Health, Hunger, Thirst and Oxygen are disabled. Get all crafting blueprints. and no resources needed to craft There are also submarines. Seaglide stationary rifle, mobile vehicle compartment and powered artillery They do not require a power source and cannot be damaged. The game supports VR headsets such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, with additional keyboard and mouse or game controller input. At the end of the 22nd century, when humanity began to colonize other star systems, Aurora, a deep space spacecraft built by the Alterra Corporation, was sent to the system at the outermost part of space known for its first voyage, specifically to the area known as the “Earth of the Earth.” Ariadne Arm’s primary mission is to build part of the high-speed space travel infrastructure called Phasegate in Ariadne Arm. However, a secondary mission unknown to most of the crew is to find and potentially rescue the crew of a ship called Degasi, which landed on planet 4546B ten years ago. After Aurora entered 4546B’s orbit, it was obscured by a mysterious force and landed on Earth. Several sailors climbed into lifepods and threw them from the aurora during their descent. One of them is the player character. Other lifepod inhabitants Die in a variety of ways, leaving the player the sole survivor. Players find Degasi’s crew logs stating that only three survived the first crash. But two of the three were later confirmed dead and one presumed dead. Players also learn about the existence of Precursors, an ancient advanced alien species that arrived on planet 4546B about a thousand years ago in search of a cure for an advanced infectious disease known as the Kharaa Bacterium. Ancestors discovered Kharaa during an exploration of an unknown planet. and the disease spread due to failures in the quarantine process. Killing more than 100 billion people, the disease was released into the ecosystem of 4546B in a catastrophic accident where Sea Dragon Leviathan attacked a disease research facility where bacterial samples were researched in an attempt to retrieve stolen eggs. Precursors begin the containment of the planet. No Gameplay Description #fru77y Solo and Coop Video Game Guide PLAYTHROUGH Complete Campaign Story 100% WALK-THROUGH Puzzle Solution Let’s Play