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Let's Play – 12 Minutes [Xbox Series X] | Part 1 – Twelve Minutes for Xbox Series X


Let's Play – 12 Minutes [Xbox Series X] | Part 1

Twelve Minutes for Xbox Series X

Part 1 of Gaming Geek Aloud in #12Minutes (2021) on @Xbox Series X from Wikipedia ( Twelve Minutes is an adventure game developed by Luís António and published by Annapurna Interactive released August 19, 2021 for Microsoft Windows. , Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The game takes place in a small apartment complex, and the space around the game requires players to replay through 12-minute events trying to solve the mystery. play twelve minutes from Top-down view of an apartment suite shared by a man and his wife. This includes the main living area and kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Players control their husbands during these activities as a point-and-click adventure. The game in which he was free to perform various actions without any further action. During the first 12 minutes the man learned that his wife was pregnant. But police officers arrived at the apartment several times accusing the wife of killing her father. last year and in Attempts to arrest her, beat her husband, attack and kill his wife and unborn child. The game then restarts at the same point where players can try actions to find out that the wife is the suspect. How to prevent her arrest or other actions In order to get the “best” result in the next 12 minutes, otherwise it will start again in the next 12 minutes. Leave it to them to find a solution to the situation. The man is the only character that maintains knowledge of the previous cycle, e.g. knowing about an imminent arrest. And this information can be used to take other actions in future cycles.[1] The gameplay has been compared to The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.[2] while the main round takes only 12 minutes in real time. The game is expected to take players between 6 and 8 hours to complete.[3]

A man returns to his apartment after work and is greeted by his wife. which surprised him that she was pregnant. when they started to celebrate A policeman knocked on the door and asked to come inside as his wife was suspected of murder. when they open it The police attacked the two, tied their hands and proceeded to strangle the man to death. The man suddenly found himself back when he entered the apartment. about twelve minutes ago and realized that he was in time He tried to convince his wife that he was in trouble. But she still had doubts. The man spent one circle of hiding to see how the police interacted with his wife alone. and found he was looking for a watch that belonged to her father hidden in a vent. The man found that the police wanted the watch to fund his daughter’s cancer treatment. In another ring, the husband picked up the watch and asked his wife about it. She revealed that her father didn’t die of a heart attack seven years ago, but that she killed him because of his relationship with her nanny who drove her mother away. Then she fled that night with the clock. where she met her husband at the bar. Police later revealed that it was a friend of the father who accused the wife of her father’s murder. The man continues his investigation and manages to prove that his wife was not the murderer. and approached the police peacefully All three concluded that the wife had misunderstood. And her father’s real killer was her half-brother. which was alluded to his father’s affair Even after successfully rectifying the situation The man was still stuck in the circuit. with the sorrow that still lingers in my heart The man decided to arrest the police and ask him about the nanny’s name. The man realized that the nanny was his mother. make him brother Despite admitting the truth to his disgusting wife and to the police in the next circle. But the band refused to close. The man was forced to recall the truth: the police were actually the father who revealed to him that they were brothers and that they should stop loving each other. After a brief quarrel He accidentally shot his father and had to flee the scene. This man returned to the real world. where he continues to talk to his father about falling in love with his sister. If the man decides to accept her father’s offer to leave her, He would enter a cycle where the apartment was empty and alone. If the man decides to allow his father to openly talk to him about his traumatic mind, Players can continue playing by going back in time or ending the game. The final choice shows that a man decides to let his hypnotized father forget his sister. Make the loop event start again. Other ways to get involved: .