Scarlet Nexus Gameplay Interview | Summer of Gaming 2020

Scarlet Nexus for Xbox Series X

IGN looked at the Scarlet Nexus footage and talked a bit about the game’s development with Kenji Anabuki, Game Director and Producer Keita Iizuka. Scarlet Nexus battles were heavily discussed. Interview with Scarlet Nexus Developers as they elaborate on what players might see in multiple Scarlet Nexus trailers and Scarlet Nexus gameplay trailers. How does this enhance the game’s graphics and anime style? and bringing a new RPG experience. The developers of Scarlet Nexus also discussed a bit about how the Scarlet Nexus version will differ slightly between current and next-generation hardware. Specifically, the devs talked about the potential of the Scarlet Nexus PS5 version to have. For more information about Scarlet Nexus (a new game from Bandai Namco), please visit IGN. Thank you for watching IGN’s Summer of Gaming! Be sure to stay tuned with SoG as our editorial team shares hands-on demos. Game play example (including Xbox Series X gameplay and PS5 gameplay) Developer Interview And the presentation of the publisher – and all this will happen in a live broadcast! Throughout June, IGN will feature new games, Xbox News 2020, and PS5 news. Summer of Gaming will also feature news about upcoming games. Games released in 2020 for Playstion 5 and Xbox Series X, and exclusive gameplay footage, too. Check out more Summer of Gaming here! #ign #ignsummerofgaming .