Xbox Series X начинает показывать СИЛУ | DF про Hitman 3 на Xbox Series и Playstation 5

Hitman 3 for Xbox Series X

Hello Friend! Yesterday, Digital Foundry analyzed the recently released Hitman 3 on the next-gen Xbox Series X, Series S and Playstation 5 consoles! The result should be acceptable that owners of brand new xboxes should please! Let’s talk about the Xbox Series X vs PS5 vs Xbox Series S comparison! Look happy! I would be grateful if you support by donating – and by subscribing to Patreon – transferring to MasterCard – 5168 7574 1004 8419 Pulyaev Leonid Romanovich Ukraine captures for streams, etc. In short, to provide better content, better quality and more variety. ! Thanks in advance! My Instagram – My Stream Channel – Music:.